P. Klein - Therapist

 Anna Maria completely redesigned the master bedroom and the completion of six other rooms. She has also taken on as lead role in the design of a Zen Garden in the front of the property. While she is strong with her recommendations, Anna Maria did not insist her ideas be implemented. She often went out of her way to be of service. Very quickly, she got “me” and my taste. Her integrity is impeccable and I found her to be very honest. A real pleasure to work with on the project!

Paul Adamo - TV Producer

 Anna Maria is a top-notch Intuitive Interior Designer with exquisite taste. She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the design world. She has been essential in helping me achieve my goals for my new home from selecting unique and beautiful tiles, designing rooms, and choosing the right paint colors…Anna Maria has been amazing! She is extremely professional, exceptionally talented and has a super attitude. I would never take on another design project without her. I recommend her highly! She is a brilliant designer. 

R. Kirby - Top Producer William Pitt Sotheby's

 Anna Maria is a consummate professional and an extremely talented Interior Designer, Feng Shui expert and Intuitive Consultant. She has assisted a number of my clients and their experience with her have been laudatory. She is a creative, sensitive to budgets and amazingly broad in her design styles and an excellent listener! 

Laura Smith - WABC Radio Host

 I have worked with the biggest names in the arena of the intuitive arts, being a broadcaster and host of programs that highlight psychic phenomena and self-help. When I was introduced to Anna Maria as the "Intuitive Interior designer", I could feel she had a special gift. When she came to my home for an overdue overhaul and re-design of my bedroom, it started like most consultations, until Anna Maria started getting to the heart of blocks and issues that were going on deep within me. She immediately, having never met my daughter, said that my reorganization in my home would bring Hannah much happiness and bring us closer together. We began discussing my relationship with my Mother as well and she tapped into feelings that I had never shared with her, or anyone before. After a lot of supportive soul searching and gentle guidance from Anna Maria, I felt a great release and sense of peace. After that, we resumed re-designing my bedroom and it has turned into an oasis and haven for me that is both comforting and energizing, not to mention beautiful. Interestingly enough, new opportunities with work started to present themselves and true to her clairvoyance, my daughter was beyond delighted with the light and happy energy of the house and she expressed great joy in that. Anna Maria is pure heart, talent and almost Angelic in nature. I am so grateful to her. I don't know anyone else doing this kind of work. Everyone should have Anna Maria's gift in their home and their life.

Dr. Mickey Harpaz - Psychologist, PhD

 Throughout my career as a board certified family psychologist, I’ve speared headed numerous studies on the Art of Feng Shui, Energy and Intuition and the affects on human physiology. As part of these studies, I’ve had the pleasure to observe Anna Maria in her element. The positive results she generates with her client’s is proof that a person’s environment directly affects his or her happiness. 

Michael Mettor - Creator of Sponge Bob

 The more I took heed of what elements were not in order in my house, the more I was able to prosper in both my personal and professional life. Anna Maria has helped me feel comfortable in a previously uncomfortable environment. She is an exceptionally talented woman with an extraordinary gift.